Feb 17 2012

How to prepare for a 30(b)(6) deposition as a corporate witness

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Corporate Deposition

Patent litigation is on the rise, on average increasing 5.6 percent annually since 1991 [1], so there is a greater probability that the profitable company you work for is already, or will soon be, in a patent infringement lawsuit.

When this happens your company will typically receive a 30(b)(6) notice and will have to select witnesses for a corporate deposition so that the plaintiff’s attorneys may obtain discovery. Your corporation’s attorneys know that corporate witness selection is critical, that a good witness isn’t necessarily the person with the most first-hand knowledge[2], but also someone with better ability as a witness, more credible and articulate, and more comfortable with aggressive questioning[4] .

Witness selection is critical.[2]

If you meet these criteria, you may find yourself selected as 30(b)(6) witness. The rest of this article gives you a sense of what to expect in this role.
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