Feb 17 2012

How to prepare for a 30(b)(6) deposition as a corporate witness

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Corporate Deposition

Patent litigation is on the rise, on average increasing 5.6 percent annually since 1991 [1], so there is a greater probability that the profitable company you work for is already, or will soon be, in a patent infringement lawsuit.

When this happens your company will typically receive a 30(b)(6) notice and will have to select witnesses for a corporate deposition so that the plaintiff’s attorneys may obtain discovery. Your corporation’s attorneys know that corporate witness selection is critical, that a good witness isn’t necessarily the person with the most first-hand knowledge[2], but also someone with better ability as a witness, more credible and articulate, and more comfortable with aggressive questioning[4] .

Witness selection is critical.[2]

If you meet these criteria, you may find yourself selected as 30(b)(6) witness. The rest of this article gives you a sense of what to expect in this role.
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Feb 09 2012

Are you sitting yourself to death at work and home?

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Sitting six or more hours per day in your leisure time can increase your chances of dying up to 40%[1]. A growing body of research[1],[2],[3] shows an association with increased sitting, both at home and work, and mortality, even if you are exercising regularly.

If you work in the information technology industry or almost any other job in an office setting, you probably sit for most of the day, whether it is time spent in front of the computer, in meetings or sitting down for lunch. Add to that the sitting while commuting, watching TV or browsing the internet at home, while reading, or in conversation and you could very well be sitting for over 9 hours a day (the British average over 14 hours per day[4]).
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